Vladimir Putin is 'unhinged' and could 'go nuclear in all-out war with NATO, ex-CIA agent says

The Russian President could unleash a "nuclear" war on Ukraine


A former CIA agent says the West is moving towards direct war with an "unhinged" Vladimir Putin, which has the potential to turn nuclear.

Robert Baer has an inkling that the situation is "likely to get a lot worse" as Putin veers into "Russian fascism".

In his new book "The Fourth Man", the ex-CIA Case Officer discusses the impending threat from Putin, saying how the US was left in an awkward position following Russia's invasion of Crimea and then of Ukraine earlier this year.

He said: "What we have today is worse than anything during the Cold War.

"There's no question the West had to support Ukraine but at the same time we're inching towards a direct conflict between NATO and Russia.

"Whether or not it goes nuclear is anyone's guess."

The ex-CIA agent said the West could move towards a direct war with Russia
The ex-CIA agent said the West could move towards a direct war with Russia
Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year
Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year

He told Express.co.uk: "Everyone knew about Putin supposedly finding God and his embrace of what can be described as Russian fascism, but on the other hand no one forecast his delusions would be translated into an open-ended land war and genocide.

"If Putin is truly as unhinged as he appears, things are likely to get a lot worse."

The author and ex-CIA Case Officer said he would not comment on Putin's health.

Some have commented on the Russian President looking puffy in the face.

At the country's Victory Day parade last month, Putin appeared frail and used a blanket to keep warm, which contrasted vastly with his previous portrayal in the past.

Mr Baer added: “As for Putin’s health, I won’t comment other than to say while I was in the CIA I listened to our doctors predicting various tyrants’ demises but in the end when they finally did die the timing came as a surprise.”

Mr Baer says it was a huge mistake by the West to underestimate Russia after the end of the Cold War.

He added: “After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the CIA considered the KGB a defeated force and all but stopped spying on it.

“It turns out it was a grave mistake because through the 90s the KGB was plotting its return, infiltrating everywhere it needed to.”