Video of water-logged inflatable shared on TikTok amid warnings of Albanian gangs risking lives by crossing Channel

An alarming video showing a water-logged inflatable full of people in the English Channel has been posted on social media

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The video posted on TikTok today claims the rubber dinghy was in difficulties as it carried a group towards the UK, and asked for people to pray for them.

The short clip shows the small boat full of seawater with young men sitting along both sides of the inflatable, their legs submerged in the water.

It comes just a day after official sources warned Albanian people smugglers were risking lives by putting to sea in bad weather.

The message accompanying the video, in Albanian, says: “The young people’s dinghy breaks while crossing the Channel.

“God save the youth.”

The video shows young men crowded into the inflatable
The video shows young men crowded into the inflatable

Yesterday, official sources warned that Albanian criminal gangs were taking increasing risks with people’s lives by pushing boats into the Channel in poor weather conditions.

In recent months, Albanian organised crime groups have taken over much of the people smuggling operations in French side of the Channel.

One source told GB News the people smugglers are “risking a major tragedy by pushing boats out to sea in these conditions".

The source added: “Albanian gangs in particular seem more willing to push the limits when it comes to putting these vessels into the water.”

It is not clear whether those involved in the incident captured on the TikTok video made it into UK waters.