UK weather: Sunny spells today, but also some showers in the west

A closer look at today's weather...



Some eastern parts perhaps rather cloudy to begin with, but otherwise plenty of sunny spells. Mostly dry for eastern, southern and central regions, but some showers about in the north and west. Cooler than yesterday. Windy in the far northwest.


Daytime showers mostly becoming confined to western and northwest Scotland leaving most areas dry with clear spells. Perhaps a few showers persisting over central UK though. Chilly, especially Northern Ireland.


Sunny spells but also some showers, heavy at times, mainly over northern and western Scotland, Northern Ireland and eastern, central and southern England. Cooler than today in the east.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

A lot of dry, if at times cloudy weather. Some showers for western areas Weds, after the clearance of early fog patches. Showers less widespread thereafter, though becoming windy.