UK weather: Feeling cold in the sunshine, with further wintry showers

A closer look at this weekend's weather...

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Sunny spells and further wintry showers, most frequent along parts of the north and east coasts. A more organised area of rain affecting parts of western Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Wintry showers with ice risk in east. Rain/sleet in west continuing to sink south with some hill snow and perhaps to low levels in places. Elsewhere, clear with widespread frost.


Cold start, though milder in the west under thicker cloud and showers. Some wintriness likely, mainly for high ground of Wales and Southwest before clearing. Elsewhere, sunshine and scattered showers.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Dry and bright in the south on Sunday. Otherwise, often cloudy with rain at times, this most persistent in the northwest, with some drier, brighter spells in the southeast.