UK weather: Brits to bask in glorious sunshine this weekend as Spring heatwave continues

Supermarkets report ice-lolly sales have increased three-fold with the mercury set to last into the weekend


Brits are set to enjoy a bout of glorious sunshine for the rest of the week as today’s temperature of 19C will continue over the weekend.

On Monday temperatures reached 20.5C, soaring above the average for this time of year.

Thanks to the mini spring heatwave, supermarkets have reported a rise in burger sales and ice-lolly sales have increased three-fold.

The Met forecast reads: “Early fog patches quickly clearing to leave another warm day with plenty of sunshine for most.

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach
People flock to Britain's beaches for spring sunshine
People flock to Britain's beaches for spring sunshine

Friday is expected to be a little less bright with the temperature dropping 18C, but still much warmer for the time of year.

For Friday the Met Office predicts: “Again dry and warm with sunny spells for many although cloudier in the far northwest.”

BBC Weather forecaster Ben Rich said: “It is another beautiful spring day with lengthy sunshine and the vast majority will stay dry.

“There is just a small chance of one or two showers popping up in north east Scotland and maybe in the eastern counties of England.

“It will not be as breezy as it was on Tuesday across western areas but it is every bit as warm”.

For the most of England, the weekend will see a slight drop in temperature, remain very mild with warm sunny spells.

In the far north it is expected to turn a bit cloudier with occasional light rain.