UK fracking U-turn as sites to be 'used for further research' rather than closed forever

The two fracking sites in Lancashire will remain open "to be used for further research" reports reveal


The Government has reportedly allowed two fracking sites in Lancashire to remain open in a huge U-turn on their previous decision to concrete them up.

The announcement comes amid calls from MPs to overturn the UK's moratorium on fracking and extract gas from country soil in a bid to combat soaring energy prices.

The fracking sites were due to close in the coming weeks over environmental concerns and fear drilling would trigger earthquakes.

This has now been suspended until June so that the sites can ostensibly be "used for further research".

Though, last night, the Government reportedly insisted their “position on fracking hasn't changed".

"It would take years of exploration and development before any quantities of shale gas could be extracted and wouldn't have an impact on prices affecting Europe in the near future," a PM’s spokesperson told The Sun.

Lord David Frost, who has put pressure on Boris Johnson to invest in fracking, congratulated the Government’s move on Twitter, saying it was “good news” a “sensible step”.

The former Brexit Secretary previously warned that if the UK discontinues importing gas from Russia, supplies in Britain might need to be rationed.

He said this is why it was “so foolish” to stop shale gas extraction in the UK in 2019.

Last week, it was also reported Jacob Rees-Mogg, Minister for Brexit Opportunities, suggested there should be a return to shale gas extraction.

And yesterday, former Defence Secretary Michael Portillo told GB News: “I am tired of being lectured by others.

"We have been lectured by the EU about going green, and what have they been doing? They've been making themselves 40 percent dependent on Russian gas".