Uber slammed by angry customers for charging ‘£64 for four-minute journey’ as train strikes continue

One raging customer said Uber were 'robbing people blind' as workers at the RMT walked out for a second day this week


Angry customers have hit out at taxi app Uber for their surging prices as train strikes continue to cause chaos across the country.

Around 40,000 members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union at Network Rail and 13 train operators walked out again on Thursday as the bitter row over pay, jobs and conditions continued.

Uber have been slammed by angry customers
Uber have been slammed by angry customers
Train strikes continued on Thursday
Train strikes continued on Thursday

Just one in five trains ran, and were mostly restricted to main lines, with around half of the network closed.

Instead, many had to find alternative ways to get around, including using taxis and Ubers.

But some Uber customers were left raging with the surging prices , with one person claiming to have been quoted £64 for a four minute journey near Gatwick Airport.

They said on Twitter: “Talk of cost of living, something needs to be done about companies like Uber robbing people blind.

“Queues at Gatwick due to a train strike at 1am and they want to charge £64 for a four minute journey.”

While another wrote: “Why are Uber drivers charging double the amount (£35 for a £15) for the same distance due to rail strikes?

“My son has to take an Uber to work due to the strikes and (taxi app) Bolt has crashed.”

An Uber spokesperson previously said: “We are expecting significant increases in demand as a result of strike action across the rail network next week.

'We are informing drivers of the expected increase in demand to help ensure there are enough cars out on the road,” as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Strikes are also expected to take place across the country on Saturday.