TV chef Kwoklyn Wan claims people are 'literally running for their lives' in China over political clampdown fears

TV chef Kwoklyn Wan has claimed he knows Chinese dissidents who fled the country after saying “something out of turn”


Chinese authorities have been slammed for their authoritarian treatment of civilians, with reports that some people have been silenced for their views.

Speaking on GB News’ Farage, Mr Wan said while he knows some people who don’t have any problems living there, others are said to be “literally running for their lives”.

He said: “It’s strange because you hear the press here and what is going on, but when I talk to my cousin and ask how is it over there and he says it's fine.

“I think if you keep yourself to yourself and get on with your life then I don’t think there’s a problem.

Kwoklyn Wan speaking to Nigel Farage
Kwoklyn Wan speaking to Nigel Farage
Kwoklyn Wan
Kwoklyn Wan

“But there are other Chinese that I know who have recently come to England and they’ve said something out of turn and all of a sudden they are literally running for their lives.”

Mr Wan also explained how the conflict between Hong Kong and China led to his grandad fleeing for the UK in 1955, before starting a Chinese restaurant in Leicester.

He added: “They were going through a lot of things happening in China at the time, it was about 1955.

“My grandad and my grandma, they were in Hong Kong, and the Chinese were actually jumping the border so it made it quite uncomfortable.

“Because their village was actually on the border and they were given the opportunity to move to England, it literally was a slow boat that took a month.

“And slowly we’ve started to bring the family over.”