Transgender barber tells GB News 'attitudes need to change' after trans man denied haircut

A transgender man was refused service at a barber shop in Bolton who have told him they 'don't cut women's hair'


A trans barber has reacted angrily to the news about a transgender man who was refused service at a barber shop in Bolton.

The transgender man, called James, said he was left feeling ashamed of his body when he was refused service in a visit to the Winter Hey Lane barbers.

He has visited the barber shop three times before.

The barbers told Manchester Evening News they refused James' service as they are “only qualified for men’s haircuts”.

Barber Greygory Vass, Director of Open Bars based in Hoxton, told GB News in response to this incident: "I have been cutting hair for over 20 years and there are of course different types of hair (thick, fine, curly etc) but gender bears no relation to these hair types.

"I am also transgender and I used to experience much higher rates of discrimination in barbers than I do now, over ten years on in my transition, even though I still have the same head and the same hair that I always had!

"This just goes to show that the problem lies in the barbers' attitude and has nothing to do with the client. Barbers' attitude is what needs to change."

The 20-year-old, James, visited the Horwich Barber for a haircut at 4:30pm on Saturday but was turned away after allegedly being told: “We are open but we don’t cut women’s hair”.

James, who transitioned around two years ago, said: “It was shocking as I have been before.

“Since transitioning, things haven’t been the easiest to talk about or anything like that.

“I felt disgusted being treated like I didn’t even matter.

“I felt so bad and ashamed of my body. Due to me being transgender, being called a woman is very hurtful and disrespectful.

“It would be good to put a highlight on this issue due to there being so many people who are scared to go outside without being judged on what they look like or sound like and scared of being misgendered.”