Trans athletes should compete in their own category, Olympic gymnast tells Nigel Farage

Lisa Mason said on Talking Pints that if a woman adapted her hormone levels then she would be booted out of sport

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An Olympic gymnast told GB News that trans athletes should be able to compete in their own categories to ensure fairness in women's sport.

Lisa Mason, who also competed in the Commonwealth Games, was quizzed on the ongoing issue of trans athletes competing in women's sport.

The cases of Emily Bridges in cycling and Lia Thomas in swimming have highlighted what appear to be physical advantages trans women have over biological women.

On Talking Pints, Ms Mason said the only way biological women would be able to compete with trans athletes would be to take banned supplements.

Lisa Mason
Lisa Mason

She told us: "If a woman wanted to adapt her hormone level to be faster and stronger she would have her medals taken from her and be booted out of the sport.

"Naturally men are faster and stronger and even if you're taking hormones to reduce that you're still going to be faster and stronger."

British Cycling performed a dramatic u-turn on the case of Emily Bridges, banning her from competing in women's races.

Lisa Mason and Nigel Farage
Lisa Mason and Nigel Farage

This move was slammed by many including her mum, who accused governing bodies of dumping her from the sport by email.

Ms Mason believes the best way to tackle this and to keep sport fair would be to introduce new categories.

She also said: "I think they should be allowed to compete, i think there should just be their own category.

"You have women's you have mens and you can have trans for men and trans for women. but then you have to have enough for everyone to compete."

Host Mr Farage quizzed Ms Mason on the future of women's sport and whether allowing trans athletes to compete in it put it in danger.

She answered: "Ultimately yes, the only way you're going to level the playing field is if you allow women to be taking something to enhance their performances an athlete you know that's not right and that's not fair."