'Toughest internet challenge EVER!’ Web melts as millions worldwide try to spot hidden cat in THIS picture

Can you spot Calvin the cat?


A viral image has sent internet users wild as they attempt to spot a perfectly camouflaged cat in amongst a leafy setting.

Can you spot Calvin?
Can you spot Calvin?

At first glance, the image appears to only show an autumnal setting of a tree wilting leaves.

But upon close inspection, the cute pet can be deciphered as it rolls onto its back.

The Reddit user who originally posted the image said: "My cat rolled over onto his back then disappeared."

Calvin can be spotted sitting down to the side of the tree.
Calvin can be spotted sitting down to the side of the tree.

The challenge of spotting the creature has proven difficult for other users, as even zooming in doesn't crack the puzzle.

One user commented: "That's some next-level treebark camo."

Another said: "Damn that was a good one, now I don’t know how I couldn’t have seen him!"

Users of the social media platform have been able to finally gain a sighting of the feline, with it seen lying down on the left side of the tree.

Calvin the cat can be seen basking in the sun as he unintentionally becomes a mysterious illusion for internet users.

Another user said: "Isn't this just actual camouflage?"