Tory MP who urged Boris Johnson to resign questions if he could impose more Covid restrictions: 'Who would listen?'

Nigel Mills said earlier on Wednesday that it would be 'just impossible' for Mr Johnson to continue as Prime Minister

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A Tory MP who is calling for Boris Johnson to resign as Prime Minister believes nobody would listen if he implemented any future Covid-19 restrictions.

Nigel Mills became the first Tory backbencher to publicly call for Mr Johnson to step down after he received a fixed penalty notice over the Partygate scandal.

And speaking exclusively to GB News, Mr Mills told Nigel Farage he believes the Prime Minister’s position as PM is “untenable”.

He told Nigel Farage: ”Nobody can really believe that the most senior law-maker in the country can survive being fined for breaking the laws that he himself introduced just a few weeks earlier.

“It seems to be a completely untenable situation.

“What next? what more laws would you allow a Prime Minister to be seen or bending?

Tory MP, Nigel Mills
Tory MP, Nigel Mills

“And it’s not a small, technical matter. These were pretty strict rules introduced by the Prime Minister to protect the country in a health pandemic that millions of people around the country were observing in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable and you’re never going to forgive or forget a Prime Minister in a situation like that."

Several other Tory MPs have urged Mr Johnson to remain in office because of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But Mr Mills doesn’t agree with that thought process.

He added: “It's not an ideal time but how long is this war going to go on for?

Mr Mills has called for Boris Johnson to resign
Mr Mills has called for Boris Johnson to resign

“You can argue it started in 2008, it got worse in 2014 and got a lot worse a few weeks ago, are we really saying we can’t’ make any change at any point in that situation?

“Heaven forbid he had to come back to ask the country for more restrictions due to some awful variant. Who would listen?”

His comments comes as fellow Tory MP Craig Whittaker joined him in calling for Mr Johnson to quit.

The Calder Valley MP said during a Facebook Q and A: “I not only think that the Prime Minister should resign but I also think that Rishi Sunak should resign as well.

“Through this whole process it hasn’t been particularly clear that the Prime Minister broke any rules until of course he’s been issued with a fixed penalty notice this week.

“My expectation is that he and the Chancellor should do the right thing and resign.

“The reality is that they’re not going to resign. We’ve seen that from the press and they’ve both issued apologies so I suspect we’ll end up where we are and moving on.”