Tory MP tells GB News how he saw fake pictures of his son being executed on social media

Conservative MP Peter Bone told GB News about the online abuse he receives on a daily basis

Peter Bone has revealed all about the horrific abuse suffered by himself and his family in an emotional interview with GB News.

In the wake of the murder of Sir David Amess, more and more MPs are discussing the abuse they receive, often from anonymous trolls on social media.

Veteran Conservative MP for Wellingborough, Mr Bone, was urged by police to check his son was still in school after seeing a mocked up picture of him being executed by ISIS.

Speaking to Gloria De Piero, Mr Bone revealed how he had to call 999 in his own constituency three times in one year due to threats made against his family.

He told us: "We’ve had death threats.

"We’ve had a picture of my eldest son being executed on social media.

"We’ve had someone convicted for harassment and we’ve had our house attacked. These are the sorts of things that isn’t limited to me.

"Of course, lots of MPs go through this, but it’s not fair. Not fair. It shouldn’t happen anyway, but it shouldn’t happen to your family."

Mr Bone also hit out at online trolls who are able to send abusive messages while hiding behind a blank screen.

He added: "As social media developed the idea that people can call you a racist, want to kill your children or shout at you in the street, all those things happen now.

"I would remove that [the anonymity], you should be able to source that so you can take them to court for what they're saying.

"They say awful things which stir people up.

"We have to do something to make sure people can't say things that are untrue and vicious just because they're hidden."