Tory MP calls for Boris Johnson to resign after Sue Gray report as he's 'now unable to give PM benefit of doubt'

Julian Sturdy said "now is clearly a time" when we cannot have any doubt over the PM's "honesty, integrity and personal character"

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Tory MP Julian Sturdy has called for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign following the release of the Sue Gray report.

In a statement on Twitter, Mr Sturdy said: “The Sue Gray report clearly shows the Prime Minister has presided over a widespread culture of disregard for the coronavirus regulations.

“Furthermore, questions are now being raised about whether the Prime Minister misled Parliament when asked about these events."


Boris Johnson and Julian Sturdy
Boris Johnson and Julian Sturdy
The Sue Gray report was released earlier today
The Sue Gray report was released earlier today

He continued: “Talking to constituents, it is clear discussions about parties in Downing Street remain a damaging distraction at a time when our country faces massive challenges with war returning to Europe, a global cost-of-living crisis, and our recovery from the pandemic being more important than ever.

“This is clearly a time when we cannot have any doubt about the honesty, integrity and personal character of the Prime Minister.

“While I thought it important to wait for the conclusion of the Metropolitan Police investigation and the publication of the Sue Gray report, I am now unable to give the Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt and feel it is in the public interest for him to resign.”

Critics of Mr Johnson also reaffirmed their calls for the PM to resign following the release of the report.

While London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “The findings of the Sue Gray report today confirm what many of us had long suspected – the abject failure of leadership and judgment at the heart of Government.

“At a time when millions of Londoners were being asked to make huge sacrifices – to stay away from loved ones and forgo funerals – No 10 and the cabinet office consistently and flagrantly held the public, and the rules they had been told to follow, in contempt.

“The British public deserve better and the PM should now demonstrate accountability for this culture of impunity which took place on his own doorstep and under his own roof.”