Tory MP asks Boris Johnson to support BBC Licence Fee Abolition Bill

Peter Bone said 'in this day and age it's ridiculous to have a state broadcaster'


A Conservative MP has pushed Boris Johnson to be present at the reading of a private members Bill on Friday.

Peter Bone, the MP for Wellingborough, has submitted a Bill to scrap the television licence fee and require the BBC to be funded by a subscription instead.

Mr Bone took the opportunity at Prime Minister’s Questions to invite Mr Johnson.

“In this day and age it's ridiculous to have a state broadcaster. It's ridiculous that people are forced to pay a fee just because they have a television.

“And what is totally wrong - that people who believe the BBC to be institutionally biased have to subsidize them.

“Mr. Speaker - will the Prime Minister, if he's free on Friday, come along and support the bill?”

In response, the Prime Minister said: “Though I understand some of his strictures about the BBC, Mr Speaker, I would also say that it is a great national institution, but I will study what he has to say with interest.”

The question gathered a mixed response online.

One user said he "agreed" with Peter Bone's suggestion, and another calling for the licence fee to be "scrapped asap".

Others felt it wasn't the right time be bringing up the request, with one user tweeting "yeah... that's today's big story".