Tory MP admits 'we've underdelivered' on stopping migrants crossing the Channel

Conservative MP for Bracknell James Sunderland described the situation as a very serious problem


A Conservative MP has admitted the party has underdelivered on stopping migrants from crossing the Channel.

Exclusive footage captured on a French beach of migrants clambering aboard a rubber dinghy to cross the Channel was shown on GB News.

The drone footage also shows migrants playing a cat and mouse game with authorities, hiding in dunes and leaving life jackets ready to make their crossings.

GB News host Nigel Farage pressed Conservative MP for Bracknell James Sunderland on the current situation in the Channel.

James Sunderland MP
James Sunderland MP
Nigel says he isn't blaming the French
Nigel says he isn't blaming the French

He said: "This government, firstly Priti Patel repeatedly and then the Prime Minister, you've overpromised and underdelivered haven't you?"

Mr Sunderland responded with: "Let's not wax lyrical, this is a serious problem and I suspect that we have underdelivered."

Newly released figures have revealed how the number of migrants crossing the English Channel is already double the level we saw this time last year.

According to Government data, a total of 20,017 people have arrived in small boats since January.

And almost 15,000 of these have reached British shores since Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, announced the Rwanda policy in an attempted crackdown on traffickers in April.

Experts now predict that by the end of the year a staggering 40,000 will have made the journey.

Mr Farage added: "I object vigorously to the hundreds of millions of pounds we've given the French but you begin to understand having watched that footage, what can they do?

"Unless there were thousands of French troops along that beach you simply couldn't stop this.

"It's all too easy to blame the French, it's all to easy to blame other people, the problem is here in this country."