Tory defector now Labour MP asks how many more will be crossing floor after Sue Gray report

Christian Wakeford said the Prime Minister was taking people of this country for fools

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A Labour MP who defected from the Conservatives suggested that more may cross the floor as a result of the Sue Gray report.

Christian Wakeford caused uproar when he crossed the floor of the Commons to join the Labour party.

The Bury South MP accused Boris Johnson of incapable of offering the leadership and government this country deserves after making the switch.


Christian Wakeford
Christian Wakeford

And in the Commons today, he asked if any of his former Party members would be joining him on the Labour benches.

Christian Wakeford said: “Wine-time Friday, karaoke, grown men drinking shots of Apple Sours. How can anyone on the benches opposite honestly describe these as work events?

“Misleading the House is a very serious issue, as the Prime Minister well knows, but taking the people of this country for fools is far worse.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a statement to the House of Commons
Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a statement to the House of Commons

“Whilst he is busy trying to defend the indefensible, I would like to know how many of my former colleagues does he think will be joining me on these benches after today?”

Boris Johnson replied: “He will find the answers to his questions in the Sue Gray report. I really don’t have anything more to add.”

Boris Johnson said he took “full responsibility” after an official report revealed shocking details of raucous parties in No 10 during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Prime Minister sought to play down his personal involvement in the gatherings detailed in the the report by senior official Sue Gray but acknowledged that they took place “on my watch”.

abour leader Sir Keir Starmer told the Commons that report “laid bare the rot” in No 10 and called on Tory MPs to tell Boris Johnson “the game is up” and that it is “time to pack his bags”.