‘Tony Blair sent us into an illegal war and he’s still your hero’ - Dan Wootton erupts at guest over Boris Johnson claims

Dan Wootton clashed with Benjamin Butterworth during a debate on GB News

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Benjamin Butterworth was dubbed a “disgrace” by Dan Wootton after claiming that Boris Johnson is “the least truthful Prime Minister this country has had”.

Mr Johnson, who resigned as Conservative Party leader least month, is currently being examined over whether the misled MPs over the Partygate scandal.

The Privileges Committee is examining whether the outgoing PM committed a contempt of Parliament following the scandal.

Speaking about Mr Johnson on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Butterworth said: “Boris is the least truthful Prime Minister that this country has had.”

Dan Wootton and Benjamin Butterworth
Dan Wootton and Benjamin Butterworth
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

But Dan was quick to intervene, saying: “Tony Blair sent us into an illegal war and he’s still your hero, what you say is a disgrace.”

Mr Butterworth replied: “If you have a problem with that you may want to raise it with the Conservative who voted in greater numbers than the Labour MPs at the time."

Dan responded: “And I would raise it with them, if any of them were here and they supported the Iraq war.

“But you are genuinely sitting here with a straight face saying that Boris Johnson misled the British public because he didn’t know about a particular illegal party that took place in No.10.

“More than Tony Blair who sexed up a dossier to take us into an illegal war, you’ve lost the plot.”

Mr Butterworth continued: “Tony Blair continues to live rent free in your head 15 years after he left office.

“It shows how desperate you are that you have to harp back to a Prime Minister four PM’s ago to try and justify the one that’s there right now.”