Terrifying method burglars could use to break into your home revealed by locksmith

Snap resistant locks are recommended by the Manchester based locksmith


A Manchester based locksmiths has warned of a terrifying new way that scum burglars could break into your home this year.

Locksmith L&E says burglars are using blowtorches to damage and then snap off door locks when attempting to access properties.

Company director Elizabeth Johns is urging people to be aware of the trend, after an attempted burglary at the property of a customer of theirs, Manchester Evening News Reports.

"We do find that Christmas time is absolutely rife for burglaries and people trying to gain access to homes and vans.

"The reason intruders use blowtorches is that they are trying to remove the handle from around it, so they can get a good grip on the lock to then snap it.

"On standard locks, once the lock snaps, the door will open.

"So it’s all about gaining access to try and get a good grip on that lock."

She recommends snap-resistant locks to stop intruders from coming in and says criminals tend not to smash windows because they want to remain quiet and undetected.

"Normally, people who have been burgled come downstairs in the morning and see that it’s already happened because the thieves are trying to make as minimal sound as possible by using these methods."

She also urges people to ensure their locks are the right size for their doors.