Taliban forbid hairdressers in Helmand province from cutting or trimming beards

Barbers have been threatened with undercover investigations


Taliban leaders have issued a ruling banning barbers in Helmand province from cutting beards of their customers as it is a violation of Sharia law.

The religious police affiliated to the Taliban have said that violators face strict punishment if they're found breaking laws on beard trims.

Several barbershops in the southern promise have had notices posted and according to the BBC, barbers are facing threats, undercover investigations and demands from police to 'stop following American styles'.

Earlier this month, a barber in Kabul said he was uncertain about the future of his business.

"We used to work with foreigners, and our clients were like the British embassy… our work was good, but now it is not working, our situation is bad," said barber Nazar Mohammad, adding that he was thinking about leaving the country if he could no longer maintain a livelihood.

Baz Mohammad, a customer getting a shave, said men should be free to choose if they wanted to keep a beard or long hair.

He said: "It is right to adhere to Sunnah (sayings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad), but not by force. It is not fair to grow a beard, or long hair by force, it is not fair to have long hair, to look like a tiger."

During their previous years in power from 1996 to 2001, the Islamist militant group banned men from trimming their beards.