Suzi Quatro tells Nigel Farage fame means she 'gets recognised everywhere' even with her mask on

The American singer told GB News "I refuse to hide" despite being spotted by locals when wearing a face covering


Suzi Quatro spoke to GB News' Nigel Farage about fame and living in England as a American artist with a string of UK number one hit singles.

The singer-songwriter explained the Covid pandemic did not make her less distinguishable to UK fans.

Singer Suzi Quatro in August 1977 .
Singer Suzi Quatro in August 1977 .

When asked by Nigel Farage about how English people reacted when she is spotted locally, Quatro said: "I've been around for so long now I get recognised everywhere. I refuse to hide."

The glam-rock singer scored her first UK Official Singles Chart Number 1 with her debut song Can The Can in 1973, and reached the top spot again a year later with Devil Gate Drive.

Quatro said: "I walk down the street in town and they recognise me with my mask on. I mean, how is that possible?"

Nigel Farage responded: "I find the mask a blessing personally because having been in politics it's a 50-50 reaction I am going to get."

Ms Quatro has also featured in the US show Happy Days and has starred in Minder and Absolutely Fabulous.