Sussex Uni: Students call for 'transphobe' lecturer's dismissal after claim that 'many trans women are still males with male genitalia'

University of Sussex
University of Sussex

The university say they are 'extremely concerned' by students 'harassment' of the philosophy professor

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A group of students at University of Sussex are calling for the removal of a philosophy professor for her views on trans people.

Kathleen Stock, 48, a gender and sexual orientation expert has been branded a 'transphobe' for saying 'many trans women are still males with male genitalia.'

Images of posters have emerged saying the professor's comments 'makes trans students unsafe' and that Sussex students are 'not paying £9,250 a year for transphobia.'

Twitter images of the posters against Ms Stock
Twitter images of the posters against Ms Stock

The Twitter hashtag #ShameOnSussexUni has been circulating on the platform and banners saying 'Stock Out' have been held around the campus.

The group running the demonstrations is called 'Anti Terf Sussex', describing itself as an 'unaffiliated network of queer and trans students'.

The acronym 'Terf' stands for 'trans-exclusionary radical feminist'.

The insult was most notably thrown at Harry Potter author JK Rowling following her reply to an article about menstruation.

The University has so far supported Ms Stock, and said it was 'extremely concerned' by student 'harassment' of her.

The posters attacking the philosophy professor have been removed.