Suella Braverman pledges to 'take back control' of UK borders during Conservative Party conference address

The Home Secretary used her speech to address a variety of issues such as leftist 'militants'


Suella Braverman has pledged to "take back control" of British borders while addressing Conservative Party members at their conference in Birmingham.

The Home Secretary addressed a variety of issues as she spoke to party members in Birmingham, such as mass immigration and the culture wars taking place in the UK.

Speaking about the issue of migrants crossing the Channel, she said: "The problem is chronic, organised criminal gangs are selling a lie to thousands of people. Many are drowning in the Channel, many are leaving a safe system like France and abusing our system.

"So what's our plan? Our work with the French has prevented half of the crossings, I will work closely with France to get more out of our partnership.

"Secondly, we need to find a way to make the Rwanda scheme work.

"Thirdly, we have to do more to get asylum seekers out of hotels, currently costing the British taxpayer £5 million a day.

"And fourth, we cannot allow a foreign court to undermine the sovereignty of our borders.

"A few months ago, the European Court of Human Rights did just that, and as a result, our first flight to Rwanda was grounded, we need to take back control".

The Home Secretary spoke to the audience about the left's "argument" suggesting it is "hypocritical" for someone from an ethnic minority background to express concern over mass immigration.

Suella Braverman took aim at leftist 'militants' during her speech at the Tory Party conference.
Suella Braverman took aim at leftist 'militants' during her speech at the Tory Party conference.

She told the audience: "It's not racist for anyone, ethnic minority or otherwise, to want to control our borders.

"It's not bigoted to say that we have too many asylum seekers who are abusing the system.

"It's not xenophobic to say mass and rapid migration places pressure on housing, public services and community relations.

The Home Secretary pledged to 'stop the boats crossing the Channel'.
The Home Secretary pledged to 'stop the boats crossing the Channel'.

"I reject the left's argument that it is hypocritical for someone from an ethnic minority to tell these truths."

The Home Secretary also used the speech to hit out at leftist "militants" who aim to "defund the police," saying she will always be in support of police forces in the UK.

Ms Braverman told the audience that police forces across the country will attend the scene of every burglary.

She said: "We need common sense policing. Unashamedly, unapologetically, on the side of the law abiding majority.

"And that means that the mob needs to be stopped. The police must have all the powers that they need to stop protesters who use guerrilla tactics and bring chaos to the law abiding majority.

The Home Secretary also accused the left of "attacking our profound, elemental values, wanting to replace them with the poison of identity politics".

"When this poison seeps into the public sphere, it distracts our public servants from doing their real job, that philosophy dominates the Labour Party, whatever Keir Starmer pretends."