Student, 25, dies during Good Friday crucifixion re-enactment with audience thinking it was part of show

Audience members initially believed that Suel Ambrose collapsing was part of the show


A student has died during a re-enactment of Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday.

Suel Ambrose, 25, collapsed during the show in a scene where St Peter cuts off a solder's ear to protect Jesus, with audience members believing it was part of the show.

But they quickly realised he was actually bleeding and attempted to help at the Clariantian University in Nigeria.

The philosophy student was rushed to hospital but tragically died.

Suel Ambrose collapsed during a Good Friday crucifixion re-enactment
Suel Ambrose collapsed during a Good Friday crucifixion re-enactment

It is understood that Mr Ambrose was one day hoping to become a priest.

A witness at the university told University: "Initially when it happened, we thought it was a joke, and that it was part of the drama.

"It was when he could not get up that was when we knew it was a serious matter and he was rushed to hospital.”

"Everybody came together and rushed the deceased to a school hospital and later, when the case became worse, he was taken to a nearly Federal Medical Centre.

"It was from there we heard he could not survive it."

It is not yet known what caused Mr Ambrose's death.