Stewart Lee brands Boris Johnson supporters 'evil or ignorant' as PM labelled 'monster who ruined everything'

Boris Johnson has been branded a "monster of a man who has ruined everything" by comedian Stewart Lee


Mr Johnson's time as Prime Minister is coming to an end, as the next leader of the Conservative Party will be confirmed on Monday.

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak will find out their fate at 12.30pm after a lengthy, and sometimes bitter, Tory leadership race.

Ms Truss has been widely tipped to win for some time, but the leadership contest has rumbled on regardless – sticking to the Tory timetable set out after Mr Johnson's resignation.

Mr Johnson, meanwhile, has been accused of serving as a lame-duck Prime Minister.

He has been on holiday and deferred major decisions, such as how to deal with the looming energy crisis, to his successor.

Stewart Lee is evidently not a fan of Boris Johnson
Stewart Lee is evidently not a fan of Boris Johnson
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have battled it out to take over as PM
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have battled it out to take over as PM

This, according to comedian Stewart Lee, has amounted to an "insane peacock parade of a monster of a man who ruined everything".

Mr Lee argues that Mr Johnson could not have got away with it in France, adding that he "hates" the British.

He claims: "The French would have strewn burning tyres and broken baguettes all over the motorways by now, God bless them, and set fire to hayricks in the middle of rural roundabouts, while choking back successions of small sour drinks and making inscrutable obscene gestures at press corps helicopters.

"Instead, Brexit Britons sit around, tutting and shrugging into their milky tea as they dunk the soggy digestives of their impotence, like eunuchs in a penis factory.

"I hate us. We don’t deserve rock’n’roll."

The English comedian and TV director went on to take a swipe at Tory voters who put Mr Johnson in office.

He adds in his comment piece for The Guardian: "The fact is that Johnson, something of a vile jelly himself if the truth be told, is a massive psychopathic b******.

"And if you support him, or voted for him, you must be either evil or ignorant."

Mr Lee's comments come as Britain prepares for a new Prime Minister.

Once the result is known, Mr Johnson and his successor will go to Balmoral in a break from tradition.

Described by allies as likely to be a “very sad” occasion for the outgoing PM, the Queen will receive Mr Johnson on Tuesday at her Aberdeenshire home, where he will formally tender his resignation.

This will be followed by an audience with the new Tory leader, where she or he will be invited to form a government.