Stanley Johnson hits back at Benjamin Butterworth who claimed PM told lies: ‘I’m not having that’

Stanley Johnson urged people "to be careful the way you use language" during the debate on GB News

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Stanley Johnson has hit back at Benjamin Butterworth over claims his son and the outgoing Prime Minister lied.

Boris Johnson resigned as Conservative Party leader earlier this month amid mounting pressure following the Chris Pincher row.

But more than 10,000 Tory Party members have since signed a a petition to allow a vote on Mr Johnson’s resignation.

Speaking about the topic on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Butterworth said: “10,000 members is maybe one in 16 Conservative Party members so the idea that this is some insurgence of a majority, there’s not the evidence for that at all.

Benjamin Butterworth and Stanley Johnson
Benjamin Butterworth and Stanley Johnson
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

“I also would point out is this does remind me kind of the momentum Corbynistas in the Labour Party desperately trying to cling onto someone MPs don’t want.”

He later added: “Boris Johnson is the only Prime Minister who has been ousted because he lacked the basic decency of public office.

“Boris Johnson lied over what happened regarding parties, he lied over the Chris Pincher process.”

Before Stanley Johnson hit back at Mr Butterworth’s comments, saying: “I’m not going to sit here next to you and hear you toss words out like lie, I’m not having that I’m sorry.”

Mr Butterworth asked Mr Johnson: “Did he tell the truth about Partygate?”

To which Mr Johnson replied: “He certainly did and as far as I’m concerned he’s not been found to lie, there’s no evidence of this.

“But I don’t want to get down that route, I’d just say you all ought to be careful the way you use language.”

The Privileges Committee is examining whether Mr Johnson committed a contempt of Parliament by misleading MPs over the Partygate scandal.

If found to have lied Parliament and is handed a suspension for 10 or more sitting days, Mr Johnson could be forced to face a by-election.