Stanley Johnson dubs Benjamin Butterworth ‘the most tedious man I think I've ever heard' in heated row

His comments come after Benjamin Butterworth reiterated that Boris Johnson "did not follow the rules" during the Covid lockdowns

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Stanley Johnson has dubbed Benjamin Butterworth “the most tedious man I think I’ve ever heard” during a heated Boris Johnson debate.

Boris Johnson announced his resignation as Conservative Party leader last month amid mounting pressure following the Chris Pincher row.

The calls for Mr Johnson to step down grew after he was given a fixed penalty notice for breaking lockdown rules in relation to a gathering of two or more people indoors between 2pm and 3pm in the Cabinet Room at 10 Downing Street on June 19, 2020.

Stanley Johnson and Benjamin Butterworth
Stanley Johnson and Benjamin Butterworth
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

But speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Stanley asked Mr Butterworth: “Any time a minister breaks the law he has to resign, what happens to all the people who drive 75, 80, 90mph?"

Mr Butterworth responded by saying: “I can’t believe you’ve just said that with a straight face.

“The people that make the laws shouldn’t break the laws, that’s the very basis of a civilised democracy like the one we should live in.”

Dan then intervened to say to Mr Butterworth: “A fixed penalty notice is the equivalent of a speeding fine, so do you think an MP should resign if they go over the speeding limit.”

Mr Butterworth continued: “We know full well and so do the millions of people in this country who followed lockdown rules, those people who you care to claim about who couldn’t see their loved ones when they were banned from going into hospital.

“People you claimed to care for, they followed the rules, Boris Johnson did not follow the rules.”

Mr Johnson then took aim at Mr Butterworth by saying: “You are the most tedious man I think I have ever heard.

“You’ve come back time and time again with a whole lot of totally irrelevant arguments.”