Stacey Solomon apologises to fans for 'being so quiet' after health ordeal left her 'boobs on fire'

Stacey Solomon fell ill with mastitis and described the experience as "awful"


Television personality Stacey Solomon has apologised to her fans for “being so quiet” following a health ordeal that left her “boobs on fire”.

The mum of four opened up about her health scare on Instagram, where she said she had to be rushed to the doctors due to the pain in her chest.

The Loose Women star explained: "Sorry I've been so quiet. I got mastitis and felt like my boobs were on fire. It was awful!"

She added: "After a few days of antibiotics I honestly feel like a new person."

Mastitis is where breast tissue becomes inflamed, causing pain, swelling, warmth and redness.

It can involve infections and most commonly occurs in women who are breast-feeding, but men can also get it.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash
Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash
Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon
Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon

The trip to hospital forced Stacey, who is set to marry presenter Joe Swash, to take time out of her wedding planning.

In another video posted to social media, she showed fans how her £1.2million Essex home had been refurbished for the occasion.

In her garden, she took viewers through a long archway and pointed out a new wooden bench surrounded by candles in glass jars.

Stacey said: "This morning I had to meet with the caterers, florists and everyone in between because I almost forgot we are getting married in three months' time.

"We are on the last part now, the aisle," she wrote, followed by a crying face emoji.

She continued: "And my sister just put a load of candles in my kitchen jars at the bottom where we are going to stand and I'm crying.

"My whole stomach is turning over. And for some reason I'm so nervous."

The TV star has been dating Joe, who is best known for playing Mickey Miller in EastEnders, since 2015.

The pair got engaged last Christmas but delayed their wedding after the TV star announced her pregnancy in June as they wanted all their children to be there.