Spaniel dubbed ‘London's loneliest dog’ finds a home after spending more than 500 days at animal shelter

Hattie was abandoned at the RSPCA Southbridge Animal Centre in August 2020

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Cocker spaniel Hattie, better known as London’s loneliest dog, has finally found a home after being stuck in an animal shelter for more than 500 days.

Dean and Tracey Blackmore picked up the two-year-old pooch from the RSPCA's Southbridge Animal Centre and took her to their Surrey home on Sunday.

They fell in love with the black-furred spaniel after seeing a picture posted by the animal shelter on Facebook.

Following the passing of their own rescue dog Timmy last year, the couple immediately started visiting the pup.

Two-year-old spaniel, Hattie
Two-year-old spaniel, Hattie
Hattie with her new pink bone
Hattie with her new pink bone

After welcoming Hattie home, Mr Blackmore said: “She’s such a loving dog, she follows us around, and loves attention. She’s a working spaniel so she’s got lots of energy, bless her it’s like having a little baby sometimes.

“She’s enjoying exploring the new scenery during walks and despite her complexities Hattie is a lovely dog. We really hope that we can build a trusting and loving relationship with her”.

Hattie had a rough start in life and was abandoned at the RSPCA in August 2020 after her original owners struggled to cope with her behavioural issues.

A message from Hattie's new owners posted to social media
A message from Hattie's new owners posted to social media

On the Instagram page dedicated to sharing Hattie's story, her new owners said they know the puppy's adoption will be challenging, but they wanted to “give her a chance in a loving home, where she will undergo further training to enhance her loving and playful side.”

The RSPCA were inundated with applications for Hattie after they described her as "London's Loneliest dog" in a plea for her rehoming on Facebook.

In the post, the RSPCA detailed some of the pooch's specific needs.

They said she tends to get “frustrated quite easily,” adding that she needs that stimulation and enrichment in the home to help her.

Mr and Ms Blackmore have said they felt very fortunate to be the chosen owners.