Sadiq Khan told he has his priorities 'utterly wrong' by Nigel Farage after sixth murder in four days in London

The GB News host has called on the Mayor of London to sort out his priorities

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been slammed as London is rocked by six murders in four days.

The capital was shocked by the story of the death of Thomas O'Halloran, 87, who was stabbed to death while riding his mobility scooter in Greenford, west London.

The Metropolitan Police has released a picture of a suspect seen carrying a knife near the scene.

This was after a man was stabbed to death just off busy tourist area, Oxford Road.

GB News host Nigel Farage has questioned the priorities of the Mayor of London.

Nigel Farage described the situation as beyond belief
Nigel Farage described the situation as beyond belief
The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan
The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

He told GB News: "London has been hit with six murders in the space of the last four days, including Thomas O'Halloran, 87-years-old.

"This is almost beyond belief. What on earth could motivate anybody to put a knife in someone like that.

"And yet Mayor Khan appears to have other priorities.

"As much of London must become a maximum 20mph with speed cameras everywhere.

"The ULEZ zone is extending pretty much out to the M25 hitting the poor, the elderly, those who can't afford new cars.

"I would suggest the Mayor of London has his priorities completely and utterly wrong."

Mr Khan fears violent crime will increase this summer in London, blaming the cost-of-living crisis.

He told the Guardian: "I am concerned about a potential increase in violence this summer as the cost of living crisis deepens and threatens to reverse the progress we have made in tackling violent crime.

"Violence, like poverty, is not inevitable and the government must now do much more to show it shares my commitment to building a fairer, safer London for all.”