Russian TV host calls for nuclear drills in extraordinary threat: ‘The time has come for us’

Igor Korotchenko warned that NATO will soon issue “direct nuclear ultimatum” against Russia


A Russian television presenter has called for Vladimir Putin’s troops to carry out nuclear drills in an extraordinary new threat.

Igor Korotchenko made the comments on Russia’s Channel 1 state TV channel, warning that NATO will soon issue “direct nuclear ultimatum”.

Mr Korotchenko said: “We may encounter direct nuclear blackmail against Russia because American tactical nuclear weapons are now located in a number of NATO airbases.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
A Ukrainian offensive recently forced Russia from almost all of Kharkiv
A Ukrainian offensive recently forced Russia from almost all of Kharkiv

“The formats of their use in combat envision the transfer to NATO countries with air power of free-falling American modernised nuclear bombs for hitting Russian territory.”

“Well, evidently the time has come for us perhaps, I’ve already said this, to hold drills for practicing scenarios in which Russian tactical nuclear weapons are used.

“It’s just that when we encounter NATO’s nuclear blackmail, we shouldn’t be running around thinking about how to respond.

He added: “All response plans must be worked out now already.

“I propose that a nuclear planning ground be set up under the Security Council ignorer to, with the participation of the military, politicians and civilian analysts, determine our aims and objectives, including of the eventuality of us having to react in this way.

“[The group needs to plan] which of NATO’s critical infrastructure facilities, which units and headquarters may be targets for a strike since we will soon be issued with a direct nuclear ultimatum by the NATO alliance.

“We can expect it”.

It comes days after a surprise Ukrainian offensive forced Russia from almost all of the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv.

Despite the advances, the Kremlin said that there was no discussion of a nationwide mobilisation to bolster the country's military campaign in Ukraine.