Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov 'rushed to hospital' ahead of G20 summit

Reports suggest that Sergei Lavrov was being treated for a heart condition

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was taken to hospital after arriving in Indonesia's Bali for the G20 summit, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

AP reported that Lavrov was being treated for a heart condition, citing several sources.

Lavrov arrived in Bali on Sunday to represent Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit.

However, Russia's foreign ministry said the report that their Foreign Minister was in hospital was baseless.

Sergei Lavrov
Sergei Lavrov

"This, of course, is the height of fakery," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Zakharova posted a video of Lavrov, President Putin's foreign minister since 2004, sitting outdoors on a patio, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and reading documents.

Asked about the report, Lavrov said Western journalists had been writing falsely for a decade that Putin was ill.

"This is a kind of game that is not new in politics," Lavrov, 72, said with an ironic smile.

"Western journalists need to be more truthful - they need to write the truth."

The governor of Bali said that Lavrov was in good health and had been in hospital for a check-up

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