Royal race row CONTINUES – Ngozi Fulani accused of ‘playing the media’ – ‘Don’t be naive’

Author Andy Ngo suggested some people are ‘willing to exploit sentiments on racism to enrich themselves’


Charity boss Ngozi Fulani has been slammed for “playing the media” after she alleged a Royal aide had made racist remarks towards her.

Ms Fulani claims she was repeatedly asked where she “really came from” at Buckingham Palace by Lady Susan Hussey, the late Queen’s lady in waiting and Prince William’s godmother.

Speaking to Patrick Christys on GB News, journalist and author questions Ms Fulani’s motives, saying: “She is extremely skilled at playing the media.

“The story now is still being talked about for the second week on both sides of the Atlantic.

She’s been all over the British press, but she’s also been on a lot of mainstream American media as well.”

Journalist and author Andy Ngo speaking on GB News
Journalist and author Andy Ngo speaking on GB News

He added: I’m not impugning the motives of this woman, however I thought it was immediately very bizarre that such a detailed transcript was produced of the alleged conversation, and nobody has a photographic memory like that. So I wonder was there a recording device?

“I’ve watched these interviews that Ms Fulani has been in and journalists haven’t been asking her that. Instead, they ask her about her feelings and they closely tie it to attacks on the monarchy.”

The author also told GB News: “One should question motive and ask secondary questions.

“Look to the example of Black Lives Matter in America, where $90 million was poured in and it was spent on buying expensive properties, as well as paying for the salaries of family members of people who were co-founders of the organisation. I’m not making that accusation here, but there are many lessons to be learned.

“Don’t be naïve. There are people out there willing to exploit people’s rightful sentiments about racism by pushing back against that to enrich themselves.”

Ngozi Fulani speaking with GB News in December
Ngozi Fulani speaking with GB News in December

The charity, Sistah Space, has had to pause its operations over safety fears, posting on social media that it was “forced to temporarily cease” many of its operations after Ngozi Fulani spoke out about her treatment by Lady Susan Hussey.

Ngozi Fulani told GB News she was ‘denied’ her nationality during the encounter.