Royal Pageantmaster breaks down in tears as he reveals Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘passing words’ to him

Bruno Peek was involved in several of Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilees as well as other royal events

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A royal Pageantmaster has broken down in tears as he spoke out about Queen Elizabeth II’s “passing words” to him.

Bruno Peek, who was involved in the Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, told GB News he “shedded a few tears” when he heard the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Mr Peek said: "It’s so sad, I was actually in Turkey on holiday when I heard and I had to go back to my room and I don’t mind admitting shedded a few tears.

"Because it signals the end of an era and I just felt that the light of the world had gone out because she’s such a gracious lady.

Bruno Peek
Bruno Peek
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

"As you know I’ve been involved with her golden jubilee, diamond jubilee, platinum jubilee, 90th birthday and other events.

"And she was always so gracious and so kind when I was by her side undertaking these duties for her."

Mr Peek later broke down in tears as he added: “It’s very sad, very sad.

“Her passing words to me on Jubilee night was ‘thank you’ and I’ll never forget it.

“She just looked at me and gave me a wonderful smile and just said ‘thank you’

“And I’ll never forget those words.”

Queen Elizabeth II's coffin is travelling from Balmoral to Edinburgh on Sunday, with crowds lining the streets to pay their respects.

The coffin is expected to arrive into the Palace of Hoylroodhouse later today, where it will remain for the night.