'Risible nonsense': Darren Grimes clashes with animal rights group who disrupted Trooping of the Colour

The GB News Presenter condemned the protesters who disrupted Trooping the Colour


GB News Presenter Darren Grimes slammed Animal Rebellion spokesman, Robert Gordon for spouting "risible nonsense" during an exclusive interview this afternoon.

Darren opened the discussion by asking Mr Gordon: "If capitalism is the problem and the profit motive is the problem which is what is said to be responsible for environmental issues, can you tell me which economy around the world that doesn't value the profit motive, so a communist country or a socialist country. Which country around the world has adopted a fully vegan diet, because I don't know about you but I struggle to see Kim Jong Un in North Korea living on a diet of quinoa salads?"

Mr Gordon retaliated by claiming that Animal Rebellion are "coming with a solution that scientists around the world are recommending" adding how "we can ensure a liveable future by transitioning to a plant-based food system".

Darren then shut down Mr Gordon, labelling it as risible nonsense.

When probed about the crippling cost of living crisis, which is rife across the UK, Mr Gordon emphasised how a plant-based lifestyle would ease financial pressures.

GB News Presenter Darren Grimes interviews Robert Gordon
GB News Presenter Darren Grimes interviews Robert Gordon

He stated: "The cost of living crisis is in part as a result of the system of food production within which we live. Where you have a significant energy intensive industrialised farming system where barrels of oil go into producing our food. So if we transition to plant-based farming we free up this land, it's less energy intensive."

The exclusive interview follows the arrest of a group of Animal Rebellion protestors who deliberately disrupted Jubilee proceedings on Thursday, demanding "Royal Land is Reclaimed".

Five men, were witnessed scaling barriers lining the Mall at 10.10am before laying down on the ground in front of troop of soldiers who were proceeding up the Mall.

One protester was seen brandishing a placard, while soldiers continued to march around the men on the floor.

Met Police officers quickly apprehended the group, dragging them from the centre of proceedings and arresting them at the side of the road.

The men were dragged by police out of the path of a military band as they marched along at around 10.10am.

The Metropolitan Police said the arrests were public order-related for highway obstruction.

The force said on Twitter: “Thank you to the crowd who showed their support by clapping our officers who returned to their post after dealing with the incident swiftly.”