Rishi Sunak needs 'to be an actual Tory' – GB News viewer says as Chancellor unveils Spring Statement

Mr Sunak is expected to set out a series of measures aiming to counter the cost of living crisis


Rishi Sunak has been urged to be “an actual Tory” by a GB News viewer as the Chancellor prepares to make his Spring Statement.

The statement will provide an update on the nation’s economic outlook following the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Sunak is expected to set out a series of measures that will counter the cost-of-living rises amid soaring inflation and rising energy bills.

Ahead of his announcement on Wednesday afternoon, GB News viewer Sue Ashcombe-Hurt, who is currently only eating one hot meal a day, has urged the Chancellor to do more.

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak
Sue Ashcombe-Hurt
Sue Ashcombe-Hurt

She told Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel: “I want Rishi to be an actual Tory and not a Labour Chancellor because that’s what he’s been doing and I think they ought to do more about the fraud that’s been going on.

“I spend my money very carefully and I’d spend it a lot better than he does if he keep more of it.

“I switch the heating on perhaps once a week to keep the house warm for three hours and that heats my water up as well.

“I spend most of the time I spend most of my time with two cardigans on usually and I’ve got my fleece to watch the TV."

She added: “I only have one hot meal a day, the rest of the time I drink warm drinks and eat sandwiches basically.

“I just don’t use hot water so much and stuff like that, anything that uses energy.

“I do my washing once a week or once a fortnight if I can.

“Anything that uses heat or electricity I don’t use if I can help it.”