Richard Tice on the bizarre rumour he once lived with Kate Moss - 'There were all sorts of rumours...'

The Reform UK leader revealed all in an exclusive interview with GB News


RICHARD Tice has denied reports he once shared a flat with supermodel Kate Moss.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, the leader of Reform UK revealed: “There were all sorts of rumours. The answer is no. It was a rumour viciously circulated by all sorts of people having fun.

He added: “I have met her - but I didn’t share a flat with her…”

In an interview with Gloria De Piero, Mr Tice said you had to have a thick-skin to survive in modern-day politics.

On the abuse he often receives he said: “Look, in the European elections it was extraordinary. We were holding rallies and there were placards calling us, Nazis, racists. I thought, wow. So it was pretty grim actually. But you just sort of develop a leatherness to the skin and let it bounce off.

"And I try not to look at social media, all this stuff. I can deal with it. Actually the worst bit really is for the family, the children and the extended family who may be fortunate or less fortunate to share the same surname and then people sort of join the dots.”

On the aims of MPs generally he added: “I think there are some really well meaning people from all the parties. Actually I think most people go into politics wanting to try and do some good. And look, we disagree on policies.

"The most important thing is that we can be agreeable about how we disagree. And I think the sadness is now in too many instances when I do media and stuff, it’s hard to get MP’s from other parties to even come on the show and talk.

And I think that’s a shame.”

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Richard Tice spoke with Gloria De Piero
Richard Tice spoke with Gloria De Piero