Remoaners know Boris Johnson 'had a point' in Brexit vote for freedom claim, Brendan O'Neill tells Dan Wootton

Brendan O'Neill believes Mr Johnson was "completely right" when making the comments


Brendan O’Neill believes Remoaners know Boris Johnson “had a point” when he said Brexit was a vote for freedom.

Mr Johnson has been criticised by many, who believe he compared Brexit to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking at the Tory spring conference in Blackpool, the Prime Minister said: “I know that it’s the instinct of the people of this country, like the people of Ukraine, to choose freedom, every time.

“I can give you a couple of famous recent examples.

Brendan O’Neill speaking to Dan Wootton
Brendan O’Neill speaking to Dan Wootton

“When the British people voted for Brexit in such large, large numbers, I don’t believe it was because they were remotely hostile to foreigners.

"It’s because they wanted to be free to do things differently and for this country to be able to run itself.”

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr O’Neill said Remoaners are only “kicking up a fuss” because they know he has a point.

Boris Johnson speaks at the Conservative Party Spring Conference in Blackpool
Boris Johnson speaks at the Conservative Party Spring Conference in Blackpool

Mr O’Neill said: “The hissy fits never end, another Remoaner hissy fit, it’s an endless process at this point and I think they are completely wrong about Boris’ comments.

“He didn’t actually compare voting for Brexit to fighting in Ukraine, he didn’t make that comparison.

“All he was saying is that people around the world long for freedom and independence and people in Britain, like people in Ukraine, want to be free and then he gave our vote for Brexit as an example of our desire for freedom.”

He added: “I think he was completely right, and in fact what is in common between Brexit and the fight in Ukraine is that both of them, in very different ways, are fights for national sovereignty.

“We were lucky enough to be able to peacefully vote for national sovereignty when we chose to leave the EU with no stress and violence, the Ukrainian people tragically have to fight very hard indeed for their own national sovereignty but there is a connection between people around the world that want their nations to be free.

“I think the reason the Remoaner elites kicked up such a fuss is because they know he has a point when he says that the vote for Brexit is a vote for freedom and so is the fight in Ukraine.”