'REAL' Labour EXPOSED: John McDonnell caught demanding social unrest in shock video

Former Shadow Chancellor urges crowd to 'occupy' parts of Britain

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A VIDEO has emerged in which former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell can clearly be heard calling for social unrest across the UK.

The socialist MP, a long-time favourite of hard-left group Momentum, was caught on tape addressing protestors in London's Trafalgar Square.

In it, the 71-year-old - who was Jeremy Corbyn's effective no.2 for more than four years - even demands "occupations" in a bid to force the Tories from power.

He can be heard shouting: "Bring on the strikes! Bring on the picket lines! Bring on the demonstrations! Bring on the occupations!"

Mr McDonnell was addressing The People's Assembly in Trafalgar Square
Mr McDonnell was addressing The People's Assembly in Trafalgar Square

Reaching fever pitch, he adds: "And we WILL defeat them. In solidarity. Solidarity!"

The Labour veteran was addressing The People's Assembly in central London on Saturday which called on people to "Strike, Protest and Resist".

Organisers say it was intended to highlight the cost of living crisis, as well as demand a general election, but materials handed out on the day showed a far wider and more aggressive socialist agenda, including a wealth tax, the nationalisation of energy, water, mail and rail and the scrapping of anti-union laws.

The video was publicly uploaded to Twitter by anti-Tory activist Chirpy Chet, one of thousands of campaigners to have attended the major rally.

The People's Assembly, which says it seeks "coalition" between trade unions and other left-wing organisations, makes no secret of its dislike of Sir Keir Starmer and the centrist Labour front bench, raising questions about the real political motives of many existing and prospective Labour MPs who may currently be publicly backing Mr Starmer.

The Labour leader has sought to convince voters the party has moved to the centre ground since its disastrous 2019 general election performance. It is not known how many sitting Labour MPs are currently affiliated with The People's Assembly.

Jeremy Corbyn also gave a speech at the rally
Jeremy Corbyn also gave a speech at the rally

On its website the Assembly openly describes the present parliamentary Labour Party as "weak and ineffective".

It adds: "We all know the conditions facing us right now. A rampant Tory government, oblivious to the harm they are doing. A weak and ineffective opposition, scared of its own shadow. A catastrophic cost of living crisis.

"Things have to change. But no one is going to do it for us – we will just have to do it ourselves."

The march, which was held under the slogan “Britain is Broken”, was backed by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) as well as other controversial left-wing organisations, including Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion.

It was also attended by other hard-left Labour figures, including Mr Corbyn and Diane Abbott, who like Mr McDonnell both addressed the crowd.

Several obscene signs were seen at the march
Several obscene signs were seen at the march

The National Secretary of The People’s Assembly, Laura Pidcock, is a former Labour MP and a divisive character who posted on Twitter yesterday: "Just a message for those who tell me I’m “thick”, to “shut up”, to “f***k off”, “have I not disappeared yet?”, that I’m a “loser”. I can’t tell you how much it doesn’t work - doesn’t make me want to give up the political fight & doesn’t have any power over me."

A spokesman for the People's Assembly said a general election was just one of the many demands of the rally.

The video was uploaded to social media by anti-Tory activist Chirpy Chet
The video was uploaded to social media by anti-Tory activist Chirpy Chet

They added: "It is not a solution to all the problems, but a basic democratic demand. We have an unelected Prime Minister whose Government is intent on imposing devastating austerity, attacks to our living standards, trade unions and democratic rights & more."

Mr McDonnell said: "It was a great turnout for The Peoples Assembly march showing the determination and solidarity of the trade union & progressive movement to resist the Tories plans for another round of austerity and attack on trade union rights. It was a privilege to address the marchers in Trafalgar Square."