Racegoer facing lifetime ban after lewd act left female presenter feeling 'degraded'

The 35-year-old was subject to the crude and distressing incident while live on air

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Reality TV star and presenter Amy Christophers was subject to a distressing act while reporting live from Beverley race course.

The incident occurred on Saturday and was broadcast live across Racing TV's social media channel Raceday, where Ms Christophers is a presenter.

Ms Christophers was interviewing a group of racegoers when she felt the presence of man wearing a grey suit behind her. The man proceeded to mimic riding a horse and made contact with the behind of Ms Christophers.

Ms Christophers was left feeling "degraded and embarrassed" following the attack.
Ms Christophers was left feeling "degraded and embarrassed" following the attack.

The presenter was engaging in light hearted conversation with the men, when she asked them to demonstrate their best jockey impression.

After mimicking the motion, Ms Christophers was assault by one of the men who whilst slapping her bottom, exclaimed "put that online".

Following the incident, Ms Christophers appeared shocked and reprimanded the man once the cameras ceased rolling.

Paul Swain from the RCA was appalled by the behaviour.
Paul Swain from the RCA was appalled by the behaviour.

In an interview with the Mail, the presenter said: "I felt degraded and embarrassed.

"He was trying to show me up in front of people.

'"After the cameras stopped I turned round and said, 'Do you really think that was appropriate?'

"I don't expect to go to work and have my backside slapped by a total stranger. It's not on. He made me feel sick".

Responding to the backlash on social media, Ms Christophers clamped down on comments that claimed the incident wasn't severe. She said in one comment on Twitter: "I wasn’t laughing!! I was shocked and my a** was stinging for half an hour! I was working! That is NOT OK!

"If you think sexual contact without consent is ok then maybe you’re the problem too! I can press charges for it!".

The racegoer in question has since faced a lifetime ban from Beverly racecourse, for inappropriate behaviour towards Ms Christophers.

The Racecourse Association spokesman Paul Swain issued a statement following the event, saying: "The RCA shares the widespread condemnation of the appalling behaviour towards Amy Christophers at Beverley racecourse.

"We have contacted both Amy and the Beverley team to offer our full support. Such behaviour has no place in society, let alone at a racecourse, and the RCA will play its part in ensuring the perpetrator receives the appropriate ban".