Queen Elizabeth II honoured by GB News viewers as 'very proud' wife shares picture of husband with monarch

GB News viewers have paid their own tributes to Queen Elizabeth II who died on Thursday aged 96

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A GB News viewer has paid a “very proud” tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with a picture from the 1970s of her husband serving as the monarch's protection officer.

Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday that Queen Elizabeth II had died peacefully at Balmoral aged 96.

People all over the world have been paying their tributes to her and GB News viewers were given the chance to share theirs.

Paying her respects, Audrey Thompson wrote to GB News while also sending a photo of her husband Norman with Queen Elizabeth II taken in Barnsley in the 1970s.

A photo of Queen Elizabeth II in Barnsley in the 1970s
A photo of Queen Elizabeth II in Barnsley in the 1970s

Audrey wrote: “Enclosed is a photo of the Queen taken in Barnsley in the 1970s.

“The protection officer immediately behind the Queen is my husband, Norman who was born in the same year as the Queen. He died 22.06.22.

“We became aware of this photo only about six months ago and he was proud of the fact that he was obviously doing his job – protecting the Queen! All our family are very proud of this photo taken about 47 years ago.

“Best wishes, Audrey Thompson.”

Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 on Thursday
Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 on Thursday
Anne Rees from Stockport shared this letter from Queen Elizabeth II's staff
Anne Rees from Stockport shared this letter from Queen Elizabeth II's staff

Anne Rees from Stockport also shared a story of her then 14-year-old son, who wrote to Queen Elizabeth II inviting her to his birthday party.

Anne wrote: "In 2018 our 14-year-old son, unknown to us, wrote to the Queen and invited her to his birthday party.

"Realising that she had a very busy schedule he sent off his letter 8 months in advance.He then received a letter from Windsor Castle from one of the Queen's Ladies-in-Waiting saying that '...Although the Queen is unable to accept, your thought for Her Majesty at this time is greatly appreciated.

'I hope you enjoy your special day and I am to thank you once again for writing as you did...'

"In a day and age when I don't expect or receive a reply from my own MP, or even his caseworker, I think our son's experience pays tribute to the Queen's remarkable achievement of having a unique personal touch.

"Even though she could not reply herself to every single letter sent to her, she made sure that our son's letter was acknowledged.

"However ludicrous it would have been for her to actually turn up at our home (just an ordinary three bedroom semi in the suburbs of south Manchester), he wasn't belittled or patronised for his invitation, but treated with courtesy and kindness.

"In so many areas of life she led by example – the very best kind of leader.

"Many thanks, Anne Rees, Stockport."

Another GB News viewer, Dennis said: "We shall never see her like again."

Karl also told GB News: “I’ve bought two books of first class stamps, one for myself and one for my Mum and Dad to keep forever.

“This is a time of great loss and sadness for our country.”

David Shaw added: “I was five-years-old and remember clearly the moment the crown was placed upon her head. I watched it with the whole family at my nans on a black and white television built by my uncle Cedric.

“Never forgot that picture in my head she's always been my Queen it's like losing a second mum.”

Bri paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, saying: "RIP Elizabeth II, you was the Mother of the Nation, to me and everyone else.

“People here and abroad, loved and admired you for your dedication, sense of duty, humour and stoicism in an ever-changing world.

“I hope the title of 'Elizabeth the Great' will be bestowed upon you.”

Teresa wrote: "I wanted to share a moment from a police perspective.

"We were part of royalty protection and I remember speaking with her in a private moment in her private residence when she had been out for a walk with her dogs and was on her way back in.

"A very warm, funny and very intelligent woman who clearly gave her whole life.

"I was so sad to hear the news and feel so blessed to have had a minute of conversation with her.

"She will be missed by so many who worked to keep her safe."

Veteran Andy Lambert added: "Whilst I was serving in the armed forces as young man in my 20s, the conflict in the Falkland Islands started.

"I was tasked to go to. I had no hesitation whatsoever, I signed up to serve my Queen.

"In my mind, the Queen commanded me to go. I was proud to serve my Queen and country."

Viewer Jennifer wrote: “My deepest sympathies and condolences to King Charles and the rest of the Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth II is all I have ever known like most of the nation and she will be deeply missed.

"It is a sad time for anyone in the United Kingdom."

Her mother, Iris, added: “Thinking of you King Charles. She was there for all of my life and I will remember her always. Iris.”

Joanne wrote: "Last year I sent the Queen a cheeky and humorous letter – it was to give her good cheer.

"Never in my life, did I expect a reply saying 'the Queen has asked me to thank you for writing as you did'.

"I suspect she found it funny. Condolences:The Queen will always live on in my heart.

"Shine bright Elizabeth. God save The King. With love, Joanne."

Marion, from the Highlands, added: "I feel our beloved Queen Elizabeth II came home to Scotland her late mother's birthplace to have one last moment in her much-loved home of Balmoral.

"I am sure she died peacefully with her happy memories of times past spent with those she loved.

"You taught your nation and the world the meaning of faith, decency and service towards others. RIP.

"God save King Charles III."

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