Queen death contingency plans leaked by Welsh government – inquiry launched

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

An inquiry has been launched after official correspondence about plans for when the Queen dies were leaked by the Welsh government


Letters and a security pamphlet marked "official sensitive" are said to have been emailed to a member of the public.

The Welsh government say no “operational information” was revealed as an investigation into the security breach is under way.

They admitted the pamphlet should not have been shared.

A top UK civil servant wrote to colleagues in September 2021 to express concerns that a news site had published new details about procedures for the Queen's death.

This information had been sent to a member of the public erroneously by a Welsh government official, the civil servant said.

The Welsh government's most senior civil servant, Dr Andrew Goodall, told the BBC: "While the email contained no operational information, it was designated as 'officially sensitive' and should not have been shared.

"We are taking the issue of information and data security very seriously and this is now being investigated as a potential breach of security.

"We cannot comment further."