Putin ally says Russia should nuke England but not touch Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland

Television presenter Vladimir Solovyov slammed the Government in an extraordinary rant

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A Vladimir Putin ally has said that Russia should nuke England but not touch Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Television presenter Vladimir Solovyov hit at the UK Government, before telling Brits to “wake up” in an extraordinary rant.

Mr Solovyov also pointed his anger towards British Armed Forces Admiral Sir Tony Radakin during the tirade.

He dubbed the UK Government "arrogant, ignorant, illiterate upstarts, who can't do anything but steal."

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Before adding: “Listen Brits, wake up; The only reason you don't have Egyptian pyramids in the British Museum is because you physically couldn't steal them.

“You stole everything.

“Admiral Tony Radakin, what are you the admiral of? What did you achieve? When did your British weapons beat anyone?'

“Who did you beat, and where, Admiral? They have completely lost their minds. And they are lecturing us, the country (we can destroy with) one Sarmat.”

Professor Andrei Sidorov, who was also involved in the discussion, stepped in by saying it would take more than one Sarmat to destroy the UK.

Before Mr Solovyov continued: “We won't touch Scotland. Scotland will be independent.

“Wales has been quiet so far. Wales, too, will be independent. And at Biden's demand, Northern Ireland will unite with Ireland.

”The Union Jack will be over.”