Publishers drop author John Clark after 'unacceptable' rant about women on social media

The comments John Clark made about women included: "I don’t agree that they think they have some sort of hierarchy"


Publishing company Penguin Michael Joseph have dropped author John Clark after he went on a bizarre rant about women on social media.

Mr Clark, best known for his book “The Meal Prep King Plan”, went on the tirade during an Instagram live.

During the stream, Mr Clark referred to women as “f****** scruffy c****” on more than one occasion.

He added: “I do kind of like p****** women off”, before saying he was “not against women”.

John Clark
John Clark

But that “I don’t agree that f****** women think they have some sort of hierarchy”.

Viewers on the stream were left disappointed by his rant, with one person writing: “heartbroken”

Before Mr Clark said: “No need to be heartbroken, I’m not really this bad in general, but I am … certain things.

“But you must admit, women want to self-sabotage men. F*** off.”

In a statement following his comments, Penguin Michael Joseph said they will not be working with Mr Clark in the future.

In a statement, the publisher wrote: “Penguin Michael Joseph is appalled by John Clark’s unacceptable behaviour.

“We do not have any more books under contract with John and will not be working with him in future,” they told the MailOnline.