Princess Diana's wedding dress designer suggests she didn't know about Charles' affair with Camilla

Fashion designer David Emanuel discusses Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship


Welsh fashion designer David Emanuel, best known for designing Princess Diana's wedding dress, said "you saw what you got" with Diana, in an exclusive interview with GB News presenter Patrick Christys.

Mr Emmanuel and his then wife Elizabeth Emmanuel designed the wedding dress for the Princess of Wales, for her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.

In an exclusive interview with Patrick and political commentator and broadcaster, Richard Taylor, Mr Emmanuel gave an insight into Charles and Diana's wedding day and relationship.

When probed on whether Diana was happy on her wedding day, Mr Emmanuel said she was "thrilled" but a "bundle of nerves".

Mr Emmanuel revealed how the Queen approached him on the morning of the wedding: "Her Majesty came up and said Mr Emanuel have you got some champagne, I said no, then two seconds I had a glass of champagne."

Patrick Chistys and Richard Taylor interview Mr Emmanuel
Patrick Chistys and Richard Taylor interview Mr Emmanuel

Following on from the wedding day, Mr Emmanuel revealed how Diana called him to personally thank him for his services.

She said: "Can I thank you so much for everything, Prince Charles loved it, and the Queen loved it".

Speculation arose prior to and after the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales, as to what their relationship was really like.

When asked by Mr Taylor, about Diana's personality in "real life", Mr Emmanuel replied: "You saw what you got" adding "she was genuinely adorable".

Mr Emmanuel added when he met Prince Charles "he was wonderful", but expressed sadness at the affair between Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana's husband.

Designer David Emanuel constructed Diana's wedding dress in 1981
Designer David Emanuel constructed Diana's wedding dress in 1981

He added: "People say oh she knew" referencing the public announcement of the affair between Ms Parker Bowles and the Prince, but "you can't act that on your wedding day" he said.

The Designer said: "She was full of fun and looking forward to it, and it was all magical except from when it leaked out that he was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles."

The discussion progressed onto the Netflix series The Crown, where Mr Emmanuel revealed he had been consulted by the programme to provide an insight into the design of the Princess of Wales' wedding dress.

When asked by Mr Taylor whether The Crown is a true reflection of the couple, Mr Emmanuel replied: "A lot of it is drama and they had to sensationalise it."

The designer expressed bother regarding the show stating how it was "hurtful" to see the couple expressed in an untrue light.

The Royal Family have been celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee since Thursday morning. Celebrations are set to continue into the weekend with the Derby at Epson Downs at 5.30pm today and the Platinum Party at the Palace is kicking off at 7.40pm this evening.