Prince Harry tells WellChild charity 'the UK is going through a lot right now' in video call from Montecito mansion

Prince Harry spoke to winners of the WellChild Awards and their families, and apologised for missing the ceremony

Prince Harry has told winners of the WellChild Awards that the 'UK is going through a lot right now' as he urged four winners of the awards that 'it [the UK] needs people like you to continue to do what you do and to inspire other people to step up and help out where they can'.

Speaking from his Montecito mansion, the Duke of Sussex continued 'the feeling that i've always had, certainly in the UK, is that the general population, everyone gets it, everyone wants to muck in and help each other no matter what.'

Prince Harry also appeared visibly moved when he spoke about his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, saying how 'proud' she would have been of the winners.

During the call, Prince Harry revealed how he has 'three emotional support dogs' saying 'between the three of them they charge around chasing squirrels and causing all sorts of problems for us everyday'.

He also shared an update on his two children, telling one of the winners 'Archie is very, very busy and Lili is learning to use her voice, which is great.'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had been planning to attend the WellChild Awards in London on Sept 8 during their short visit to Britain, as part of his long-term patronage.

The late Queen died on the day of the event, with the Duke flying to Balmoral and embarking on a period of royal mourning leading up to his grandmother’s funeral and in the week beyond.

Harry used the video call to congratulate each winner and their families on their hard work and endurance, apologising for his real-life absence and asking how they were coping with the serious challenges they are facing.