Prince Harry pictured drinking Guinness at Irish bar in the Hague on Queen’s 96th birthday

The Duke allegedly ate and drank for free during his three-hour visit

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As the Queen celebrated her 96th birthday in Sandringham, Prince Harry was pictured in a pub drinking Guinness.

Flanked by at least four bodyguards and several friends, Harry visited O'Casey's Irish bar on Thursday as he continues his appearance at the Invictus Games in the Netherlands.

The Duke, who wore a cap and an Invictus Games jumper to the pub, allegedly turned down the offer of tequila shots during the three-house visit.

Pub owner John Gulay said: “When he got the pint, he was like ‘that is so nice'.

“Harry was super chilled and very relaxed, and he had a great time.

“He was here for about three hours but only had the one pint. He said he had a busy day ahead with work.”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Harry drank Guiness at O'Casey's bar in The Hague
Harry drank Guiness at O'Casey's bar in The Hague

Mr Gulay also took a photo with the Duke and in return gave him his food and drinks for free.

He added: “I said if he lets me take a photo I would pick up the bill for the drinks, and he agreed.

“He was a super nice guy and very relaxed. I didn't check how much they had spent.

''His team have been drinking here all week and thought it was a great bar so came back and booked the area out the back. We call it the VIP area but didn't dream we would have real VIPs.

“We can say it is by royal appointment now.

“We didn't want to close the bar as we had our pub quiz so just had the garden they wanted it as normal as possible.

Mr Gulay: “Harry was surrounded by his friends and had his bodyguard sit opposite. There were four royal protection officers who were also there.

“My wife is Mexican, and she suggested they have tequila slammers. All the others downed them, but Harry refused. He just wanted his pint. He said he had work to do and a busy day later.

“He just seemed very happy to be here and to have a drink with his friends.

"I think the plan was to have a drink and go to a restaurant, but they had food and stayed until about 11pm. It was great to have him here, and no we can say the bar is by royal appointment," he told Mail Online.

The visit comes as Harry and Meghan missed the Queen’s birthday, while their presence for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations remains up in the air.

The pair did visit Her Majesty and Prince Charles in a secret meeting to the UK last week, with Harry saying he used the trip to make sure the Queen “was being protected”.