Prince Harry ‘fed up of being the spare rather than the heir’ ahead of tell-all memoir release

Prince Harry also has “a lot of poison in his blood”, royal expert Angela Levin claims


Prince Harry is “fed up of being the spare rather than the heir”, a royal expert has claimed.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals in 2020 before moving to the US to live.

They have since kept their distance from the Royal Family, while also keeping a low profile during a recent visit to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Harry is set to release a tell-all memoir later this year, with fears mounting about what revelations could come out in the book.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Harry has “a lot of poison in his blood”, Angela Levin claims
Harry has “a lot of poison in his blood”, Angela Levin claims

And Royal expert Angela levin claims that Harry has “a lot of poison in his blood” and “will say what he really feels”.

Ms Levin said: "He's now so bitter and resentful that he will say what he really feels and see things that he accepted years ago as now being really dreadful.

"I think he really wants to show his power over William because he was fed up with being the spare rather than the heir.

"I think he’s got a lot of poison in his blood now about what he feels about his background and his family,” she told Palace Confidential on Mailplus.

It comes after a speech and accent expert said Harry has adapted the way he talks since leaving the UK.

Appearing in a video this week, Harry talked about mental resilience and how we have “greatness within us”.

Analysing the footage, founder of the London Speech Workshop Emma Serlin claimed the Duke’s accent changes show he is now more “of the people” than royal.

She explained: “Harry’s accent now sounds much more rounded and middle rather than upper class.

"In a classic Harry way, he’s doing what we know him to be – he’s the friendly prince, he’s charming, he connects with people. He is his mother’s son.

"He is now ‘of the people’ in a much more overt way. He has always toned the classic royal accent down and softened it, but previously he was much more aligned with the Royal Family," she told the Mirror.