Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre now facing sexual assault allegations

Artist Rina Oh claims Virginia Giuffre sexually abused her at Jeffrey Epstein's request


Prince Andrew's accuser Virginia Giuffre is facing sexual assault claims by another woman in Jeffrey Epstein's circle, according to court documents.

43-year-old Rina Oh filed a court claim against Giuffre in a US District Court, saying she was "frozen like a deer" as Giuffre "touched her without consent" in 2001.

The incident allegedly took place in the massage room of the former financier Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan townhouse.

In court filings, Oh's representatives claimed: "[Oh] was surprised when she was called to the massage room to see Epstein, and found Epstein and [Giuffre] waiting for her.

"Giuffre] then proceeded to touch [Oh] without [Oh's] consent and much to her horror.

Virginia Giuffre has been hit with sexual assault claims
Virginia Giuffre has been hit with sexual assault claims

"[Oh] did not reciprocate or sexually touch [Giuffre]."

In an interview with the New York Post, Oh said: "I went into the massage room and [Giuffre] touched me without my consent; she sexually abused me.

"I was standing there, frozen like a deer. I did not move. I was in shock. I felt mortified and was uncomfortable."

Oh once described Epstein as her "rich, older boyfriend" as she met with him following a relationship breakdown.

She has since condemned the paedophile, saying she was a victim of sexual abuse.

Ms Giuffre's attorney Kat Thomas told the New York Post: "The allegations of sexual assault against Ms Giuffre are not true."

Prince Andrew's accuser received a $12 million out of court settlement
Prince Andrew's accuser received a $12 million out of court settlement

The legal dispute between the two women began when Ms Oh filed a defamation lawsuit against Ms Giuffre after the latter tweeted that Oh "procured & partook in the abuse of minors" with Epstein.

Ms Oh is seeking $10million in damages.

Ms Giuffre countersued claiming to be "the victim of the sadomasochist sexual play and physical abuse" perpetrated against her by Ms Oh, including cutting, slashing and other physical injuries during the sadomasochist sessions.

Ms Oh denied the allegations, saying: "I never cut her leg. I never touched her. I never heard of anyone doing anything like that during my involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

"I am not that kind of person. I am afraid of needles and faint when my blood gets taken."

The fresh claims arose after Prince Andrew settled Miss Giuffre's claims with a $12million (£9.5million) out of court settlement.

In a post-settlement statement, which contained no admission of liability from Prince Andrew, it was accepted Miss Giuffre was a "victim of abuse" and that he regretted his association with Epstein.