Ploughman's lunch cancelled as pub rebrands to gender neutral 'ploughperson's'

The move by the Tors pub in Belstone, Devon, has been met with backlash on social media


The ploughman’s lunch has been cancelled after a British pub rebranded the meal "ploughperson's".

The Tors pub in Belstone, Devon, now offers the traditionally cold dish, which consists of cheese, ham, pickled onions, chutney and sourdough bread, for £12.50.

In a now-deleted tweet, the updated menu, complete with the ploughperson’s was posted by Charlotte Deakins.

The tweet caused a huge reaction with dozens left angry by the name change.

One Twitter user, @Robbietheranger, said: “Yup this is the world we currently live in where people see offensive things when they don't really exist...”

A traditional ploughman's lunch
A traditional ploughman's lunch
The Tors pub in Belstone, Devon
The Tors pub in Belstone, Devon

Meanwhile, @Basil3106 also shared their frustration: “Never seen such utter rubbish in my life - stop the bus I want to get off now.

“The PC brigade need to get a grip, created by the ‘plough man’ of Britain, otherwise known as a farmer in the modern day. Who invented The Ploughman’s Lunch?”

On Sunday night, Ms Deakins said: “Quite frankly, my reaction is that it is pandering and dangerous, unless the pub owners have done it in a tongue-in-cheek manner and I hope they have."

“The tweet has gained some traction and people are absolutely sick of the nonsense and having to pussyfoot around because of a small minority who are eternally offended,” she told the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, Dicky Harrison, the landlord of the pub added: “The menu item was just meant as a bit of tongue in cheek. We live in a farming community with amazing women and men farming the land.

“It's just a bit of fun and a nod to the amazing ladies who work the land here. I didn't think it would cause offence, but in reality, women plough too.”